Advantages of life insurance

Life insurance guarantees resources that can be used in life by the holder or the family in cases of disability or death of the beneficial owner.

It is a fundamental service in any financial planning, as it protects the equity and helps to avoid indebtedness.

Hiring life insurance is very easy and it offers numerous advantages, which we will tell you in this post. Get to know nine life insurance benefits below.


1) Quality of life

Quality of life

Nowadays, the policies include several benefits to be used in life as an aid in the treatment of illnesses, compensation for hospital stays, coverage of serious illnesses, indemnification for hospitalization and ICU, among others.

All to improve the well-being of the insured and increase their life expectancy.


2) Extra life insurance services

Insurers have been offering apps with content to have a healthy life, covenant with pharmacy networks for discounts, among other exclusive discounts.


3) Aid in financial difficulties

Protects your family and your assets in case of death or disability and also in cases of serious illness or impediment to the exercise of professional activity.

It helps to maintain the family’s standard of living, the continuity of the study of the children, the maintenance of the house, payment of expenses and even the discharge of the home financing.


4) Indemnity according to your needs

4) Indemnity according to your needs

You can hire the most suitable value coverage for your family with an individual life insurance policy.

Standardized collective policies, such as those offered by companies to employees, generally have a low capital value.

5) Use in life situations

5) Use in life situations

Many people think that insurance can only be used in case of natural or accidental death, but it can also be used in life by means of additional coverages, for disability status or diagnosis of serious diseases.


6) Redemption of the insured capital in life

6) Redemption of the insured capital in life

There are life insurances that allow you to redeem part of the insured capital in life at the time the person wishes.

Life insurance allows for redemption at any time, while temporary insurances allow the redemption of capital only at the end of the coverage term.

In this last type of insurance, it is possible, for example, to use the capital to pay for the children’s college.


7) Indemnity exempt from income tax and ITCMD

The life insurance indemnity does not have an Income Tax, or Charge and Death Tax (ITCMD) Tax charged on donations and inheritance shares.

This means that, in the event of the holder’s death, their beneficiaries receive the compensation without these discounts.


8) Do not go into inventory

Life insurance claims are not part of the inventory and are transmitted directly to the beneficiaries after the death of the holder, at no cost and without red tape, within a few days after the claim.


9) Can be paid to any person indicated by the holder

9) Can be paid to any person indicated by the holder

Many people have doubts as to whether they can indicate anyone as a beneficiary in the insurance and here the answer is yes. The benefits do not have to be heirs or the family and the policyholder chooses the rules of sharing.